I was walking forward on a moving bus yesterday, stumbled, and landed on/across a bench seat. I don't think I'm seriously hurt, but this left me with several bruises. I iced the ones on my calves as soon as I got home, but that was ten or fifteen minutes later. I tried soaking in a hot bath, which did help, but first I discovered that the stopper in our bathtub no longer works, and had to improvise something with a plastic bag and a ceramic rice bowl. The other bruises include one along a bone on the top of my right foot, one on my torso that I only noticed this morning, and maybe more I've lost track of. And I think at the bottom of each leg, where the top of my boots circles the legs; that was definitely bothering me last night, though it didn't look bruised at the time.

A night's sleep helped some, enough that I walked down to Davis Square with [personal profile] cattitude this afternoon, because walking and daylight are good for me, it was sunny and mild (for Massachusetts in February, 5°C/42°F), and the forecast for the next few days isn't promising.

I had been vaguely considering going to the Women's March on Boston Common tomorrow, despite the cold, but decided against that almost immediately after getting hurt. I probably will go to the Winter Farmers Market tomorrow morning and see about more vegetables, smoked fish, and maybe some interesting bread and/or cheese. (That market is one of the best things about living in this bit of Somerville.)
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From: [personal profile] minoanmiss

*sends you ameliorative vibes*
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From: [personal profile] alatefeline

*hugs offered* I'm sorry to hear that you got hurt! I hope your recovery is swift and smooth. I'm glad you were still able to Do Things today.
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From: [personal profile] otter

I hope you heal up well and quickly, though I know in my own middle age it can take a bit longer than it used to.

I ought to go to the winter market here, sometime. My business partner is often there, selling our bags.

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