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Back on April 2 BTAC Founding CEO Carter Brown traveled to Washington DC as part of an event sponsored by HRC. He recorded a video telling his story, and while there got the opportunity to make history.

He ended up in front of the House Judiciary Committee testifying in favor of the Equality Act. 

He also became by doing so the first Black trans Texan to testify in from of any Congressional committee 

Congrats Carter for not only making that history, but telling a story that's familiar to far too many people in Trans World. 

Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Washington DC during BTAC.

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Monday, April 22. All times are Eastern.


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From a reddit thread asking "Redditors who post their own nudes online, have family members ever found them? What happened? ( https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/bfnd31/redditors_who_post_their_own_nudes_on_nsfw_subs/ )

Not sure if this counts, but I used to post nudes on Tumblr and also on a local gay forum's NSFW thread during my "formative" years (aka horny and single). I've had closeted classmates writing to me, in good faith, letting me know that "somebody leaked my nudes". I'd thank them and say it's alright, I was the one who uploaded them.

I grew up in a conservative Asian country and was probably the only out gay guy in my university class, so it's always kinda fun to see people DM/PM-ing me on the forum and go like "oh I think I know who you are!".

One tried to blackmail me. I asked him to write that on sandpaper and shove it up his own arse.

LOL that is a hilarious insult.

Yeah, Alex is on Reddit now. ( https://www.reddit.com/user/burningonyx )
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I went on my scheduled wildflower hike this morning/early afternoon, and it was—undeniably work, but. Rewarding. It's hard to spend five hours with strangers, constantly chatting because you want to form connections!

However, pluses:

  • Very diverse group, racially, gender-wise, and with ages from early-20s to early-70s represented
  • Carpooled with a lovely young female scientist who brought cookies and offered me gas money despite the fact that we live like 10 minutes apart, what a doll
  • Learned a ton about native NorCal wildflowers, thanks to friendly & knowledgeable older gay dude guide
  • Got to socialize with a plethora of older San Francisco Lesbians (a particular breed), ALL OF WHOM were extremely excited and full of advice upon learning that my partner and I just bought a house which we are planning to renovate
  • Wow did they have home renovation stories
  • They were also reading a selection of interesting-sounding books
  • And then one of them spoiled Anna Karenina for another of them, which was pretty funny given it is extremely famous and was published in 1878 (there is a subtle detail with a train?)
  • One of those women in particular reminded me, to a spooky degree, of one of my BFFs another 25 years down the line. She seems like she's doing well; I hope my buddy will be, too.
  • Hike started slow, but featured a satisfying push to the mountain-top above the treeline
  • There was also a section of forest full of gnarled old oak trees creaking and squeaking in the breeze; it seemed so much like a language.

Wildflowers I can currently remember having seen, six hours, three episodes of The Good Place, and a bottle of wine later: Violas, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, blue dick, lupin, blue-eyed grass, California poppies, miner's lettuce, hummingbird sage, chamomile, California lilac, Douglas iris, buttercup, cow parsnip, hemlock, nightshade, yarrow, scarlet pimpernel, goldenfield, honesty (money plant), mission bells, coffee berry, owl clover, juncas grass, baby's breath, and a lot of invasive French broom which I must admit is pretty despite being, you know, problematic (tm). Also a LOT of poison oak, but luckily I seem to have avoided touching it.
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i've definitely left town. what am i doing????? will i go back? and panickkkkkked about the teaching tomorrow. 
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Title: Fourth of July
Artist: knowmefirst
Author: Tarlan
Fandom: Eureka
Characters/Pairings: Jack Carter/Nathan Stark
Rating/Category: G/Slash
Warnings N/A
Summary: Banner & Wallpaper for the fic 'Fourth of July'

Link to art master post: AO3
Link to fic master post: AO3
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Roughly on time for once. )
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I'm reupholstering the Spitfire seats. When I took one apart, amidst the half-wastebasket-quantity pile of broken-down foam, I also found a business card for a place that repaired MG's. The telephone number on the card was a seven-digit number, which probably means it was 1970's. There was also a 1974 penny in the seat.
Getting the seat cover off was a pain. There's a big piece of foam glued to the seat's steel tubing structure. It has a horizontal slit in the middle of it. There is a flap on the vinyl cover that goes through that slit and then clips to the frame further down, to hold the concave surface of the seat back against the foam. The clips are very easy to put on but extremely difficult to remove: they're like binder clips with tiny teeth that grip the fabric, only they have no little wire loops to remove them. They simply press on, but there is no simple way to remove them.
Similarly, the recliner function of the seat is controlled via a lever, and removing it to get the seat covering off was really difficult. Good thing I bought a gear puller years ago.
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I got up and went to breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts, and then set off for Jamaica (the section of Queens, not the island nation!) to get the train. I didn't think things through too carefully, and ended up getting there very early for a train to get me to Merrick by 1:30, so I killed time by window shopping along Sutphin Blvd.

Finally got a train at 12:46 that got me to Merrick by 1:11. Called for a ride, and Brianne came and picked me up. Turns out the Kid changed her mind about travel plans and ended up driving after all. She and the SIL, and Oldest Brother and Middle Brother arrived at the same time just as Brianne was leaving to get me, so we all got there at just about the same time.

It was a wonderful time. John and Denise cooked up a marvelous meal, lamb, gravy, potatoes, two types of veggies, and mushrooms. With mint jelly on the side. Then for dessert we had apple pie and ice cream, and chocolate macaroons. Aunt Helen is well.

We had a really nice time talking, but finally it was time to go. John and Denise had offered to drive Middle Brother back to his group home so Oldest Brother could go straight to work, and stay a little longer. The Kid and SIL and I drove back to Forest Hills where she parks the car.

I had texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick that I would be there, and she said come over, so I did. We went to Chile's, but of course I didn't eat another dinner, I just had dessert.

Then they brought me home, and now it's past time for bed!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB (we kept up emailing all day)

2. Easter.

3. The family.

4. Friends.

5. Good food.

6. The train and bus system (The MTA)

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I just finished king author and I am kind of disappointed that they are not making a sequel to it. I heard that there was actually plans for a franchise but since the move was so bad the plans have diminished. What was so bad about the movie, other than it’s horrible rotten tomatoes score? I truly believed that this movie was great with an amazing soundtrack and screenplay to back that up

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This is the 2nd time in about as many days that when clicking a link, I've gotten a page like this, which is not the link I clicked:

[Firefox Logo - making it look like it's a Mozilla survey, but it isn't]
2019 Annual Visitor Survey undefined
Browser Opinion survey
April 21, 2019

You’ve been personally selected to take part in our 2019 Annual Visitor Survey! Tell us what you think of Firefox and to say “Thank You” you’ll receive a chance to get an Apple iPhone Xs!
Question 1 of 4:
How often do you use Firefox ?

When I go back and click the link again, the expected page opens.

Today it happened upon clicking a link in the Google search results. Yesterday, I don't remember which page I had clicked the link from.

It seems to be malware:

(But none of the links in those search results look particularly trustworthy to me.)

An MBAM scan didn't find anything.
Currently doing an scan with my antivirus software.
... it didn't detect anything either.

This has been happening in Waterfox. I wonder if one of my add-ons got hacked. Hopefully not Waterfox itself.

Or maybe the sites that the links I clicked go to were hacked, to occasionally redirect the visitor to this bogus survey site. Both times, the domain of the survey URLs were different:

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