The King County library system has posted a "ten to try" challenge for 2019, and it feels like a shape of thing that might work for me:

  • Read a book about history

  • Read a children’s book

  • Read a book about a subject that can be difficult to discuss

  • Read a book of poetry

  • Read a book by a journalist

  • Read a book recommended by KCLS Staff

  • Read a book by an LGBTQ author

  • Read a book about a crime

  • Read a book about family

  • Read a book by an immigrant author

I'm going to modify/expand the sixth one to "read a book recommended by library staff," for any of the libraries I'm currently using: King County, Minuteman, Boston, or Seattle (in the rough order of how much I'm using each system). Yes, I have four active library cards; at some point King County and Seattle will probably notice I don't live there anymore and stop lending me ebooks, but for now I get monthly emails from KCLS.

Since this is about reading new books, rereads don't count, but I am counting new books by authors I've read before. (I think I've read all of Pablo Neruda, but not all of Le Guin's books of poetry.)

I have just followed a link from KCLS recommends and reserved (in Boston) what appears to be a book of poetry by an immigrant author. I hereby give myself permission to decide which category to count a book in later, if it fits into more than one, but not to count the same book twice. Also, I hope to use this as a sort of guide when looking for things to read, not a constraint: I don't expect all of the next ten books I read to fit these guidelines.
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I saw a flyer about this on a bulletin board last night, and was thinking of reading it myself. I read a shorter version of the story [what was available for free online] by the same journalist, when Wild Irises referred to it last year. I had vague thoughts of going to the discussion, if the timing worked out ok. The flyer put a trigger warning on the discussion, and the book ticks at least 2 other categories on your list.

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re: LeGuin poetry

Have you read the last book? If not, sounds like good timing.

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