Date: 2012-08-15 10:13 pm (UTC)
redbird: closeup of me drinking tea, in a friend's kitchen (Default)
From: [personal profile] redbird
Basically, I dodged it.

He sat in the back of the room for some panels, and raised his hand and commented a few times in the course of the weekend, and I sort of nodded at him once while walking past him. And Sunday evening I was in other conversations, and he either was generally holding back unless explicitly addressed/invited, or registered that I hadn't approached him and was giving me space.

(Just to clarify, the "I expect to be seeing Rene" that I was posting about was at Farthing Party, which is a cross between a fairly large party and a small science fiction convention, with one track of panel discussions, evening socializing and sometimes music-making, and no dealers' room, art show, or guests.)
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