Date: 2012-07-31 11:59 am (UTC)
nickys: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nickys
> Bear in mind that until now, Readercon's official policy was that anyone who harassed another con member would be suspended permanently.

Well, they're letting everybody down by going back on that.
Especially by going back on it because the guilty party is somebody with power in the community. We really don't need the leading lights of any community to think that they can use their power to get away with hurting others. :-(

As to how you interact with him, I had a friend who did a terrible thing (lied, cheated, forced his wife and kids out of the family home at pretty much no notice, etc, etc).
He complained at me for refusing to say that what he did was okay. It's not just people's friends who try to wriggle situations round to find a way in which their behaviour was somehow justified... the guilty parties do it too, of course.
What I said to him was that he had done a terrible thing. There was no escaping that he was utterly in the wrong on all points. However, I said that he had a chance to behave decently from then on - pay his child support, allow the divorce to go through uncontested, not pester his ex-wife, etc, and that if he did that he might expect people to think better of him for that at least.
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