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redbird: closeup of me drinking tea (farthing party 2007, me drinking tea)

Don't Mourn, Organize

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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I'm a native New Yorker, and recently moved to Massachusetts after three years in the Pacific Northwest. I have three wonderful partners, one of whom I live with. I'm happily getting used to being only two miles from one of the others, and long distance continues to work well with the third.

I'm an editor, most recently employed review/textbooks in math and science (mostly for middle school and high school). I was laid off in mid-January 2012, in a restructuring that cost about 10% of the company employees our jobs, and am now doing freelance editing and proofreading.

I have a lot of books, but at the moment we have enough shelf space for all of them. I still read quite a bit (though less than when I had an hour-a-day commute by subway), but right now my to-be-read pile is mostly from the library, because there are a lot I want to read once, or think I might want to read once.

People talk about planning ahead, but when it becomes cannibalizing your actual present self for the sake of vague future possibilities, it's time to stop and plan for here and now. Don't wear yourself out so badly that there's nobody left to have that future.

I've copied all my old entries and my userpics from LiveJournal. I'm crossposting for now, but don't know how long that will continue. If you have accounts both places, please read/comment here. (The username is the same in both places.) I'm rosvicl on Flickr, where I put up occasional photos, mostly of plants and animals.

As I noted on LJ, if you need to reach me in an emergency, phone calls are better than text messaging. Also as noted there, please don't take any of my icons without checking; they include photos of me, some icons made specifically for me, and some that I'm happy to share.

Did I mention the tea and chocolate?

I keep trying to balance the parentheses, but they don't cooperate.

If you feel the need to include a video in a comment, please identify it briefly (something like "otters playing" or "clip of $person"). I run Flashblock and have autoplay off, and am not going to click on unidentified YouTube videos even if I know and like you, and am confident that they aren't spam.

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